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Web design

We design websites to help your business grow. We create experience for your customers as well as for the customers you don't yet have. Our philosophy is to design according to what works best for the end user, based on user behaviour research. We focus upon the client's business objectives and what the end user is trying to achieve. We ensure that they can intuitively find the content and engage easily with the business via the website through good 'call to interactions' and engaging marketing messages.

Web Marketing

With our high quality research-led approach we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and conversion techniques. We make websites, highly profitable by attracting more targeted customers to it.

We achieve this by:

  • researching how your prospects find online what your business has to offer
  • optimizing each page in your site to convey your services and products
  • amending your copy and 'calls to action' to achieve a greater conversion rate of visitors to customers using A/B testing and Google Optimizer
  • working with you to build upon success and target more niches for new business

A/B Testing

These tests apply primarily to the landing page and pages where improvements can increase conversion rates. These tests are carried out generally on real users visiting the website. Changes like a new banner, more text, changing positioning of the call to action button, etc affect user satisfaction and can increase sales. Over the years these techniques have become simpler to implement and the results have becomes easier to interpret.

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